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Good Bye
06-17-2006 E 11:37 a.m.
Feeling--nervous, excited
Reading-- Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast by Gena Showalter
Listening to-- tv

One week ago today I began my move to a new site. And now, it's ready to launch! It's been a rough road getting set up, and I've sometimes wondered--many times, in fact--if it's worth the move. Dland, I'll admit, has spoiled me with its easiness and trustworthiness of hosting and building a site. But it has its limits, and as much as I hate to leave this place, I feel I need a host that has more options with the types of files I want to upload. In short, I've outgrown what Dland can currently offer; and if I'm to accomplish the goal of making my blog all I want it to be, I need to be at a place where I can do that.

Email me, please, or leave me a note saying you want my new address and I'll give you the url.

Syonara Dland. I may be back, though, if the new host is too agravating to deal with.

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